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Long-term rental made easy with our camper subscription

Are you taking a break and want to go on an adventure with a camper for several months? Unfortunately, renting at regular rental prices can quickly blow up your budget. Our camper subscription is just right for you – cheaper than renting and less stressful than leasing! The perfect solution for anyone who wants to be on the road for a long time without the hassle of having to commit to a contract afterwards.

The advantages of a camper subscription


Our camper models as a subscription at a glance
Fixed prices with no hidden costs!

VW T6.1 California Beach

Camper subscription price table

plus a one-time subscription service fee of 149 €

VW T6.1 California Ocean

Camper subscription price table

plus a one-time subscription service fee of 149 €

Ford Transit Nugget

Camper subscription price table

plus a one-time subscription service fee of 149 €

The color and features of the camper may vary from the photos shown.

Our subscription accessories


Dog campers

199 € one-time


149 € one-time

Bring & pick up service

149 € one-time


bike rack

€29 per month

Camping toilet

€12 per month

Camping Grill

€25 per month

Additional kilometers

+ 250 km per month

€60 per month

+ 500 km per month

€120 per month

+ 750 km per month

€180 per month

+ 1.000 km per month

€240 per month

Start your camping adventure fully equipped

With most providers on the market you pay extra for this. We already have the following camping equipment available to you free of charge in every camper subscription model! 

Camping equipment

Kitchen Equipment

Safety first

Non-binding subscription offer? We'll send it to you!

Don't you need anything? Then just click on “Next” : )
Don't you need anything? Then just click on “Next” : )

FAQ - The most frequently asked questions about the subscription

The sum of the following items is divided by the total duration of the subscription in months:

  • Monthly subscription rates
  • Accessories, services & additional kilometer packages (optional)
  • One-off service fee amounting to 149 EUR

A calculation example:  You subscribe to a California Ocean for 3 months from April 01.04.2024st, 01.07.2024 to July XNUMXst, XNUMX

  • Ocean April subscription rate: EUR 1.629
  • Subscription rate Ocean May: 1.929 EUR
  • Ocean June subscription rate: EUR 2.429
  • Additional package 500 km per month: EUR 120 per month
  • Bike rack: EUR 29 per month
  • Taking a dog with you: EUR 199 once

Total of all items: EUR 6.633

6.633 EUR / 3 months subscription period = 2.211 EUR subscription rate per month

As you have already seen, the monthly subscription rates vary depending on the season. Of course, your subscription doesn't necessarily have to start on the 01st of the month. Of course, as with regular rentals, you can also start on April 12.04.2024, XNUMX, for example. The various monthly subscription rates are then calculated on a daily basis. 

Completely relaxed via SEPA direct debit. The monthly subscription rate will be deducted from your account. So you don't have to worry about anything else and you have a free head for the trip 🙂

Yes, this is 1.000 EUR. You have the following options for paying a deposit with the Camper subscription:

  • Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Bar

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay a deposit by credit card with a subscription.

For partial and fully comprehensive damage, you have a deductible of EUR 1.500 per claim with the subscription. Now you may be wondering why the deductible is higher than with your private car insurance? Unfortunately, things are a little different with rental car insurance. The insurance company expects a higher probability of damage than with private vehicles and therefore requires a deductible of EUR 1.500.

If your vehicle is available in the subsequent or extended period, we can of course extend it if you want. That's no problem. Please register as early as possible while on the go.

Our bike racks have space for 3 bikes and are eBike-compatible. Upon request, we also have an extension for the carrier, with which you can even mount a 4th bike. However, the extension can hold a maximum of 11 kg, making it perfect for a children's bike or racing bike.

The vehicle registers a few thousand km before the due date. Simply contact us and we will arrange an appointment with you at a suitable dealer. Ideally, we will find a suitable dealer that fits your travel route and schedule perfectly. Of course we can't guarantee this across the board, but we'll give it our all 🙂

Of course, regardless of whether you are a private individual or a company. The subscription is possible for everyone: company car, bridging until the ordered new car arrives, alternative to leasing, sabbatical, parental leave, home office on the road, etc. There are many reasons for a subscription 🙂

But of course. After your return, we will check how far you have traveled overall. Unused kilometers can of course be driven on top in the next month. 

Would you like to compare campers on site or would you like to test and test drive the camper of your choice live before subscribing? No problem. Simply contact us. We will advise you personally over a cozy coffee on site 🙂 We look forward to seeing you!