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Graphic with reference to 100% CO2 compensation by LionCamper

Sustainability & climate neutrality at LionCamper

Sustainability & CO2 – Electric drives and/or fuel cells are unfortunately still lagging behind in the camping and motorhome sector. Until we get there, every year we will rely on the most modern and economical engines on the market. But you shouldn't rest on your laurels. In addition, we compensate for every gram of CO2 from every kilometer driven on your trip. Everything is meticulously calculated together with our partner ClimatePartner and evaluated annually. Reduction options and optimization potential are identified and in the end our CO2 footprint is compensated for through selected climate projects. For more information about our projects and the topic of climate neutrality, click on the banner or scan the QR code.

We offset every gram of CO2

Every kilometer driven on your vacation!

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And is that supposed to justify the carbon footprint?

No, definitely not. Is the whole thing just greenwashing? This is controversial and hotly debated. The fact is that CO2 compensation in general cannot and must not be a license to produce greenhouse gases without worries. Rather, it should be understood as an additional sustainability instrument to minimize its carbon footprint. Of course, this instrument is not just about investing in relevant climate projects. The common path to climate neutrality with ClimatePartner includes a complex calculation and analysis model that shows us as companies and individuals where and how we can reduce emissions and save resources in the long term. All results and findings are regularly discussed in the team and appropriate measures are implemented together. Planning and implementing sustainable solutions as a team is not only fun, but also helps to create an increased awareness of this in each individual.

Sustainability and climate impact on camping holidays

It is well known that numbers do not lie - unfortunately, holidays always mean CO2 emissions. However, if you compare different types of travel with each other, there are clear differences. What is certain is that you have definitely chosen one of the lowest-emission forms of vacation with a camping trip with one of our new and economical campers. Especially when you are not sitting alone in the vehicle. We have done some research and would like to show you a small and exemplary comparison below:

Carbon footprint per person based on a return flight from Munich to Bangkok
4.662 kg

Source: atmosfair.de

CO2 footprint per person on a 2.000 km road trip for two in a VW T6.1 California Ocean
212 kg
CO2 footprint per person on a 2.000 km road trip for two in a VW T6.1 California Ocean
212 kg
CO2 footprint per person on a 2.000 km road trip for two in a VW T6.1 California Ocean
212 kg

Source: Consumption data according to the vehicle registration document

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