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We have no mileage limit. Drive as far as you want!

You can travel with your camper to all countries of geographical Europe. We will be happy to send you an exact list of countries by email on request. If you want to go somewhere else, you must first obtain our written permission.

Vehicle handovers and returns always take place on the hour between 09:00 a.m. and 16:00 p.m. You reserve your desired handover and return time in the booking process.

You can pick up your camper directly from us in Freising (Pförrerauweg 1, 85356 Freising) or have it brought to where you want to start your journey with our delivery and collection service. This service costs a small fee for short rentals and is even free for longer rentals. The whole thing is easy to book via the booking system. You can find prices and information here.

The minimum age for us is only 18 years.

The standard deposit is €1.000 and must be transferred in advance or deposited via credit card upon collection. If you have booked our “Road Trip Package”, the deposit is reduced to €500. With our “Safari Package” you don’t have to pay a deposit.

All our vehicles are fully comprehensive insurance including a Europe-wide insurance cover. In the event of a breakdown, you are comprehensively covered and can, among other things, fall back on the following services:

  • Immediate help on site
  • Rental car
  • Overnight hotel accommodation
  • Return transport

In the event of damage, you are liable to the maximum amount of the excess. Depending on the insurance package booked, this is € 1.000, € 500 or € 0.

Yes, dogs are allowed on the trip. However, you have to indicate this in advance in the booking process and an additional expense allowance (higher cleaning effort) of € 80 will be due.

Immediately after your booking you have to pay 50% of the total amount to our account so that your camper is reserved for you. You can either transfer the remaining amount to our account before the start of your trip or you can pay in cash or with an EC/credit card when you pick up your camper

You can either leave the deposit in cash when you pick it up or transfer it to our account before the start of your journey. After the camper is returned undamaged, you will receive the deposit back.

Yes you can, you can find our cancellation conditions in our Terms and conditions under § 8.

With us you get a fair fuel policy. I.e. You always get your camper full of fuel and give it back that way.

That depends on whether there is already an additional booking for your camper. If this is not the case, you are welcome to extend your Bulli after consulting us in advance.

No, we only rent new vehicles with the latest diesel and exhaust technology. Our vehicles are therefore not affected by driving bans.

Since, for organizational reasons, it can happen in some cases that bike racks are installed even though these have not been expressly booked, you should specify the vehicle length 6 meters when booking a ferry, e.g. to Sardinia, Corsica or Greece (Grand California 6,50 m).

When specifying the license plate number, always enter "Rental Car". This guarantees that your ferry trip runs smoothly, because even if we already know the license plate number of your camper, it can always be that we B. have to change the vehicle again due to a visit to the workshop. The ferry operators know and accept all of this practice.

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