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The LionCamper team introduces itself

Young, dynamic, uncomplicated and always there for you! The LionCamper team is looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Portrait of Maxi - Site Manager Freising


station manager
Portrait of Saskia - fleet management & preparation


fleet management
Portrait of Basti - Managing Director of LionCamper


Managing Director
Photo by Operations Manager Markus


Rental customer service
Portrait of Andi - CEO of LionCamper


Managing Director


fleet management
Portrait of Chris - vehicle detailing


Rental customer service
Portrait of Theresa - fleet management & preparation


fleet management
Photo by site manager Julian


station manager
Photo by team member Mila




fleet management
Photo by team member Bianca


fleet management

Our story - in a nutshell

How it all began.. The two managing directors, Basti and Andi, are old friends from their childhood and are even related to each other from a few corners - unfortunately we have not yet been able to finally discuss how exactly 🙂 After a holiday in Portugal with a rented camper van, with not too good service, it was clear Basti is sure that this can be done much better. In 2018 he took the initiative and dared to take the step into camper rental with initially 2 vehicles. Shortly thereafter, 2 campers became 4. Andi was living in the Philippines at the time and was working in tourism there. When he came back to Germany in 2019, it was of course high time to meet again. There was a lot to talk about over a couple of beers (maybe even 3). Among other things, Basti of course also reported on the birth of our own camper rental. Andi as an outdoor athlete and camper was immediately blown away and since it was time for a career change anyway, he quickly became part of a joint journey called LionCamper. For a few years, LionCamper had to be built up and shaped on the side until we were finally able to devote ourselves full-time to our heart project in 2020. Just in time for Corona. The pandemic with border closures, curfews, closed campsites and a lack of prospects has hit us hard as a young company without investors. But if you love what you do, you can always find solutions. Despite all the difficulties in the pandemic years, the vehicle fleet and the team have grown significantly to this day. We are a great, colorful group and would describe ourselves more as a family than as work colleagues. Hands-on and passion 365 days a year 🙂 We all have a crystal clear idea of ​​what we want to offer as a team and company: Namely 100% service, quality and personal contact at eye level. Customers should not be a booking number with us and should feel comfortable and in good hands every second. Our claim is your holiday, which you always think back to with a smile. We're not a big company and we're not expanding exponentially, and to be honest, that's exactly how we feel most comfortable 🙂 We like to stay true to our motto: Quality over quantity. 

If you want to know more about us, please contact us or stop by for a coffee. We look forward to you!

Greetings from the whole LionCamper team, 

Basti & Andi.

Dream team, dream camper!